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Fees and Forms

Fees, Forms, etc.


When you apply for membership, there is an application fee of $200 that must accompany the application form. If a child or parent is joining at the same time, on the same line, and at the same address, the application fee for the additional person(s) is $100 each. The second decision is whether to become a Life member or a regular annual member. The annual member has an annual dues: the first year is paid as the applicant signed the last "final" application form. The current annual dues are $65. Life membership is required for any applicant under the age of 18. It is optional for any adult. If you elect to join as a Life member, there is a one-time fee as listed in the schedule below. There is the option to pay half with the application fee with the remaining half due at the signing the last "final" application form. Any annual member can upgrade to Life member at any time.

Life Fee Schedule

Under 60        $1000 
 Age 60 to 69        $800
 Age 70 to 79        $600
 Over 79        $400


The application form is three pages. The first page is for the contact information. The second page is the explanation of the fees and a place to list your chosen options. The third page is for the synopsis that is your lineage starting with the Mayflower passenger down to the applicant. Feel free to make as many copies of this form as you need, but only submit one lineage when applying for membership.

Download Application Form here

We do encourage those who are already members to officially document additional lines. The fee for this supplemental process is a one-time fee of $150. As with applying initially, please submit only one supplemental line at a time. Once one has been approved, you can submit another.

Download Supplemental Form here


Visit the Junior Membership page for details.



The office can do limited copying if you know we have a book and you provide the author and title. It is 50 cents per page plus $2 postage and handling. To see what books we have in the office, please check our library inventory online. We only accept checks, so your request will need to be in writing. Please make your check payable to "MSMD."

If you are a member and would like another copy of your application form with all the documents, there is a standard copying charge of $10 set by the General Society.

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