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The Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants celebrates our junior members because they represent the future of our society! Junior membership in the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendents is available for relatives of our full members. The junior must be between the ages of birth and 25 to be eligible.

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Click here for Junior Membership form.

We offer several scholarships to support students' education and encourage both students and teachers to explore the many resource links when studying the Pilgrim story.

Peregrination to Plymouth: Every year in July we dedicate Peregrination Day to our Junior Members, providing events and excursions for the whole family to enjoy together. In 2015 we visited the Alden House and Alden House Museum in Duxbury. We got to play some old fashioned games, and adult members were able to sample some Mayflower beer! See photos in the Photo Gallery.

Teachers and students alike should find plenty of fodder in our Resource Links section. 

We have items available for purchase in our online store that make lovely gifts for the younger folk, as well.

And finally, we now have a publication just for young people, the Junior Compact. Edited by Beth Anderson-Godfrey, we hope will the Junior Compact will be fun and generate some thought about why and how we celebrate our heritage. 

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We are proud to say that Cynthia Tinney, our Junior Co-chair, serves at the national level on the Education and Junior Committee.

Cynthia believes that her appointment is in recognition of the ideas and programs that have been developed by the Massachusetts four-person Junior committee. Since its inception Junior membership has grown exponentially! The committee has initiated a five year Peregrination cycle attracting many new members. Each year the members trace one segment of the Pilgrims' journey from their first landing at Provincetown to their establishment of Plimoth colony and settlement in surrounding towns. The committee publishes a semi-annual Compact for Juniors. As co-chair, Cindy has been a driving force in all of these endeavors, and will bring her expertise to the Juniors in all the member states.
Today in Our History Articles
 Our national Juniors Committee has many fine links on the GSMD website. Log in as a member to get full access. They have kindly given us their permission to bring you the following wonderful articles written by Peggy Marsh, National Juniors Chair.